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Superfast – High CTR Adsense WordPress Theme


A Brief Overview of Adsense and Superfast WordPress Theme

For those of you who work in the online world or are already familiar with blogging, you are certainly not unfamiliar with the name Adsense. Yes, Google AdSense is an advertising platform or media from Google, so you will earn revenue from displaying Adsense ads on your site.

AdSense has the function of displaying ads that are relevant to the content you create on your site. These ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products.

Since these advertisers pay for various ads at different prices, the amount you earn will not be the same. Enough review about Adsense.

Okay, this time I created a WordPress theme that works optimally with your Adsense with good ad placement and high CTR. With a simple and fast-loading design, I call this theme the Superfast WordPress Theme.

This theme’s design is responsive, why should it be responsive?

Optimize your website across all browsers from desktop to mobile. Google recommends that you use a responsive design. This is intended so that the website can also load optimally on smartphones. Here are Google’s recommendations regarding responsive design: Google About Mobile Sites.

In addition, this theme already supports the official AMP, and do you know that a responsive website makes your website more mobile-friendly and beneficial?

Regarding SEO, you don’t need to ask again, the theme I created is reliable for on-page SEO, insyaallah.

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