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Mozoj Sender (Bulk Whatsapp tools + Google Maps extractor)

What are all the tools Included

  • Google Map Data Extractor
  • WhatsApp Auto Responder Bot
  • Contact list Grabber
  • Grab Group Members contact no
  • Auto Group Joiner
  • WhatsApp no filter
  • Grab Active Group Members contact no
  • Grab Group links from Webpages
  • Video Documentation for easy to use
  • Added new tool – ‘WhatsApp warmer’ (For Built-in Browser only)
  • Added new tool – ‘Website email mobile extractor’
  • Polls are enabled in ‘Single Sender’ & ‘Group Sender’
  • Polls are enabled in BOT as a quick reply (Available only for Built In Browser)
  • Enabled Message Rotation option in ‘Single Sender’ & ‘Group Sender’
  • Added Safe and UnSafe Sending Mode options before starting the campaign.
  • Random and KeyMarker issues resolved
  • AutoReply Bot – Message sending twice – issue fixed
  • General Settings- Updating Chrome driver is more easy and user-friendly
  • Added BlockList in General settings to avoid sending messages who are not interested in your campaigns
  • The default Browser will be ‘Built-in Browser’ if you have not selected any. Previously it was Chrome.
  • You can switch to Chrome anytime if you want from SETTINGS.
  • Google Map – Now you can copy your searches and paste them into big text areas.

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